Consulting & Training Services for ISNetWorld

What is ISNetWorld?

ISNetworld, (ISN) is a company that is contracted by its members of the oil, gas and pipeline companies to oversee the written programs and safety training of all the contractors doing work for their clients.  This list is expanding daily, including more and more industries. When choosing a contractor to do work for them, these companies can access the ISNetworld matrix and determine what contractors are in the area that are qualified to do the work needed. This also includes the OSHA accident reports and whether or not they have the approved written programs and safety training.

As a new contractor, you must contact ISNetworld, become a member and enter your company profile and work that can be performed into their matrix. Once this is done, ISNetworld will send you back a list of the safety programs and training required to be an approved contractor.

We at Southwest& Associates,Inc. can help you get the necessary written safety programs to satisfy the ISNetworld requirements.

Once you receive your written programs you will have to go to the ISNetworld website, log in and enter the required information about your programs. We will do this for you also. Once the information is submitted and upon receiving written copies, ISNetworld will review your programs. If any changes are needed (from time to time OSHA and ISNetworld will change interpretations of certain rules making program changes necessary) we will make them for you free, for up to 2 years.

What will Southwest & Associates, Inc. do for you ?

If we at Southwest & Associates, Inc. can help you, please submit our online Company Profile Form for a quote of our services. Our prices are very competitive.

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